On May 14 we had a Mother’s Day concert with Wind Orchestra “Tamme” from Tartu and Ele Millistfer’s singers. The concert was held in Estonian National Museum (ERM), Tartu.

Conductor were Gunnar Pettaig and Bert Langeler (guest conductor).


The program was:

Gustav Holst – “Jupiter Hymn”, arranged by Johan de Meij
Paul Lovatt-Cooper – “Wall of Sound”
Valter Ojakäär – “Oma laulu ei leia ma üles”, arranged by Tanel Aavakivi
Hans Hindpere/Paul Kilgas – “Ema Sünnipäev”, arranged by Ele Millistfer
Kenny Rodgers/Leelo Tungal – “Laula mu laulu”, arranged by Siim Aimla
E. Tucker, B. Findon, S. Rodwey, Leelo Tungal – “Lahe atmosfäär”
“Sinatra in Concert”, arranged by Jerry Nowak
“Englishman in New York”, arranged by Roland Kernen
J. Page, R. Plant ‐ “Immigrant Song”, arranged by Ralph Ford
J. Hetfield, L. Ulrich, K. Hammett – “Enter Sandman”, arranged by Paul Murtha
Leo Normet – “Puhkus Viljandis”, arranged by Ott Kask
Arne Oit – “Värvid”, arranged by Aigar Kostabi
It was a nice concert with full house and we hope to make more cooperation with “Tamme” Orchestra in the future!