Nõmme Low Brass Days low brass ensemble

On 3-5 March we were in Tallinn (Nõmme district) for Nõmme Low Brass Days.

Low Brass Days were held in Nõmme Musicschool. There were individual, ensemble and orchestra rehearsals. The teachers were:

Toomas Vana (trombone, Estonian National Opera)

Karl Abro (euphonium, Nõmme Musicschool)

Aigar Kostabi (tenor horn, euphonium, Nõmme Musicschool)

Toomas Paiste (trombone, euphonium, Nõmme Musicschool)

Madis Vilgats (tuba, Estonian National Symphony Orchestra, Estonian Academy of Music and Theatre)

Orchestra conductors were Bert Langeler and Aigar Kostabi.

Thanks to Mart Aus for organizing!

On 3 March was in Nõmme Musicschool the concert of Pritsu Brass (conductor Karl Abro).

On 4 March was in Nõmme Musicschool the concert of soloists.

On 5 March was the final concert in Nõmme Musicschool where performed ensembles and orchestra.

It were fun days and see you next year!